Prepping for Laser Rejuvenation: Dos and Don'ts

More than half a million laser rejuvenation treatments were performed in the U.S. last year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons — that’s more than three times the number of treatments performed back in 2000. One of the reasons why laser rejuvenation has risen in popularity over the years is because it’s so effective. In fact, depending on the type of laser rejuvenation treatment you have, many patients find they’re able to take years off their appearance and reduce or eliminate many of the most common signs of aging, as well as reducing the appearance of scars and the effects of sun damage.

To make sure you get the best possible results from your laser skin rejuvenation, it’s important to follow a few basic guidelines before your treatment session so your skin is healthy and ready to be rejuvenated and refreshed. As a top provider of laser skin rejuvenation treatments, Lakshmi Palakurthi, MD, helps her patients understand the treatment process as well as the important steps they can take ahead of time for optimal results. Here’s what you should do before your laser skin treatment.

Do: Schedule a consultation

Your consultation appointment is your chance to ask lots of questions and to learn about what to expect both during and after your laser rejuvenation treatment. During the consultation, make sure to discuss all your concerns with Dr. Palakurthi, as well as your treatment goals. During the consultation, Dr. Palakurthi will review all these do’s and don’t and provide you with additional information that can help you prepare.

Do: Stop smoking

You may know smoking is bad for your lungs, but did you know it’s also one of the worst habits for your skin health? In fact, smoking is a leading cause of wrinkles and premature aging. Smoking interferes with normal circulation, making it harder for your skin to heal and renew itself. If you’re a smoker, it’s important to stop smoking for at least a couple of weeks before your treatment to allow your skin time to restore itself. After your treatment, you should wait at least another two weeks before starting to smoke again to give your skin plenty of time to heal. 

Do: Make sure you stay hydrated

Your skin relies on plenty of water to stay healthy. While it’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy, it’s especially important during the days leading up to your treatment, so your skin is in top shape prior to your session.

Don't: Spend a lot of time in the sun

The sun’s UV rays can irritate your skin prior to treatment, making it more prone to irritation afterward as well. For a couple of weeks before your treatment, try to minimize your time in the sun, and be sure to use plenty of sunscreen. Skip the tanning beds, too, since they can also cause irritation. (While you're at it, you might as well stock up; wearing sunscreen on a regular basis after your treatment will help your skin recover faster, and it will also help you maintain your results a lot longer.)

Don't: Use harsh skin care products

UV rays aren’t the only irritant you need to be aware of. It’s also important to use gentle cleansers and moisturizers for a couple of weeks before your treatment, again to prevent irritation and make sure your skin is ready for treatment.

Don't: Forget to review your medications

Dr. Palakurthi uses the Aerolase Neo® for non-ablative laser treatments. Non-ablative means no tissue is removed during your procedure; instead, the laser energy penetrates your skin to gently heat up the deeper layers of tissue, encouraging more rapid skin turnover and promoting healing responses inside your skin. With a non-ablative treatment, your skin’s surface stays uninjured and there’s no bleeding. However, you still may be advised to stop taking medications like aspirin or blood thinners that can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Likewise, any medications that make your skin very sensitive, like retinoids and retinols, might need to be discontinued prior to your treatment, as well as some vitamin supplements like vitamin A. During your consultation, it’s important to discuss any medications or supplements you’re using — oral and topical products as well — so Dr. Palakurthi can advise you accordingly.

Laser rejuvenation can be really effective in erasing many of the signs of aging, like wrinkles and age spots. With just a little preparation, you can make sure your results are all you expect — and more. To learn more about laser rejuvenation with Dr. Palakurthi, book an appointment online today.

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