Banish Brown Spots and Other Sun Damage With Laser Therapy

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Brown spots on your skin can be caused by lots of issues, including years of sun exposure, natural age-related changes, and even your genetics. No matter what causes brown spots, one thing’s the same: They all affect the way you look, and that means they can wind up making you feel self-conscious and a lot less self-confident.

Brown spots can appear just about anywhere on your skin, but they tend to be more common on your face, shoulders, arms, and neck, all areas that tend to get a lot of sun exposure. They also tend to show up more as we get older. While not too long ago, brown spots were more or less there to stay, today laser therapy can be extremely effective in getting rid of skin discoloration, helping your skin look healthier and more youthful.  Lakshmi Palakurthi, MD, uses the Aerolase Neo® to target brown spots, dissolving pigments to reveal clearer skin.

Why do brown spots form?

Brown spots form when the pigment (called melanin) in your skin “clumps together” in tiny areas. Melanin also helps protect your skin against sun damage. When the sun’s UV rays touch your skin, melanin absorbs those rays to help prevent your skin from burning. That’s why people with darker skin tones don’t burn as easily — that extra melanin provides them with more protection from sun exposure.

As the years go by, the constant exposure to the sun causes melanin to become overactive in specific areas of the skin. As melanin clumps together, that extra pigment becomes a lot more visible, eventually causing brown spots that make us look a lot older.

How Aerolase Neo works to get rid of brown spots

The Aerolase Neo delivers focused pulses of laser energy to “break up” those clumps of pigment. The Neo releases specific wavelengths of energy to enable it to reach the layers of skin where melanin is found. As the laser energy hits the pigment, the melanin absorbs the energy and heats up, breaking apart into tiny fragments.

The ability to adjust the Neo wavelength to a very precise depth means only the brown spots are targeted while the surrounding skin remains unaffected. That means you don’t have to worry about burning or damaging your skin, and it also means you’ll remain comfortable throughout the treatment session. You won’t need anesthesia or sedation, and there’s no recovery time, so you can get back to your regular routine right after your session. Most women and men need just a single session to get the results they’re looking for. For more significant lesions, you might need a follow-up treatment to get rid of all the pigment.

In addition to getting rid of brown spots, the Neo laser system can reduce or eliminate tiny lines and wrinkles that form as a result of excess sun exposure, and it can help smooth out areas of uneven texture, resulting in an overall rejuvenation of your skin and your complexion. It can even reduce the appearance of tiny spider veins and provide a gentle, overall tightening of lax, sagging areas of skin.

Is Aerolase Neo right for you?

Before any treatment is performed, Dr. Palakurthi will evaluate your skin to make sure laser treatment is the best option for getting rid of your brown spots. Because of the way the Neo laser system works, it’s an ideal solution for most women and men. Since some brown spots (particularly raised spots) can be caused by other issues, during your evaluation Dr. Palakurthi determine if the spot needs additional testing, like skin cancer testing. Your laser treatment will only be performed once she determines it’s an appropriate choice for you.

Prior to your treatment, you’ll need to avoid using harsh skin scrubs, and you’ll also need to limit your sun exposure to make sure your skin isn’t irritated prior to your treatment. It’s also a good idea to stop smoking before treatment and for several weeks after to allow your skin to heal, especially if a large area is being treated.

Aerolase Neo laser treatments are fast, safe, and effective in getting rid of age spots, sun spots, and other types of hyperpigmentation. To find out more about how laser treatments can help your skin look its best, book an appointment online today.

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